About us

We are a family owned Canadian business based in Southern Ontario. Our commitment to providing a variety of fruits and vegetables of the utmost quality and freshness has never changed in over 20 years.

We work with small to mid-size farms. Our operation begins with a seed in the soil and ends with the most delicious produce on your table.

Our Story

Broadview Produce was born in 1996. It was established by an entrepreneur who was born and raised on a farm in Sothern Ontario.

After more than 20 year, Broadview Produce has earned a reputation as a trusted supplier of high quality produce.  

We strive to operate in the most ethical manner, with integrity and dedication for our community.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”


Medicinal Properties:






13 vitamins,

16 minerals,

healthy fats

& antioxidants

at your fingertips




& Sharing


Our Philosophy

Be good and good things happen.

The first wealth is health

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Certifications & Memberships

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Guelph Food Technology Centre

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association

The Blue Book

Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC)