Broadview Produce private labels such as St. Carlos™, Tokyo Veggie™, Monarch Mangoes™, Julie Brand Mangoes, Luca's Finest, Pacifico and Noreste.

St. Carlos - Broadview Produce

Developed to inspire thoughts of the sunshine, life and vitality of California & Latin America, our St. Carlos brand delivers fruits & vegetables that provide fresh & wholesome options.


One of the most recognizable species in North America, the majestic Monarch butterfly is the inspiration behind our Monarch brand of mangoes. Sharing similar and distinctive color schemes, both the butterflies and mangoes display nature’s beauty at its finest. As our own brand continues to grow, we are proud to push the Monarch butterfly further into the general public consciousness and raise awareness of the beautiful creature we are so lucky to have right on our doorstep.

For more on Monarch Butterfly facts, please visit: Monarch Butterfly Fund

Julie Brand Mangoes - Broadview Produce

Although we do not distribute the Julie variety from the Caribbean, The name hopefully brings to mind sweet, juicy & tasty fruit.

Eat our Julie Brand Mangos & you may feel transported to sunny island beaches…try them.


LUCAS Finest

Taking its name from one of our owner’s grandchildren, Luca's Finest branded fruits and vegetables bring hearty, wholesome goodness to the everyday family diet and promote a healthy lifestyle that helps us to be there to see the future generations of our own families grow up.

Tokyo Brand Veggies

Famous for its huge variety of superior quality goods produced to the highest standards, Japan’s capital city matches perfectly with the qualities inherent in the extensive range of vegetables available in our Tokyo branded range.

Like Japan’s iconic sushi dishes too, Tokyo branded vegetables are fresh, healthy, wholesome, and delicious eaten raw.

Pacifico - Broadview Produce

Pacifico brand green beans are bright in color and bursting with taste.

Noroeste - Broadview Produce

Noreste is simply the area of Canada & USA where we to hope distribute lots of beans.

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